Age-Old Marketing Hacks: The MTN Playbook

If you’ve ever run a business of your own or just worked in any organization, you’d have noticed how excruciating it is to get new customers regardless of how great the service or product you offer is.

Getting new customers has been an enduring headache and as with any old time issue, there are timeless quick fixes that guarantee some instant results.

If you’re ever going through a phase in the course of business where you need to adopt new customers, here’s a list of methods to get you those quick wins.

  1. Get Referrals From Existing Customers

Probably the oldest form of marketing, word of mouth is arguably the most effective means of acquiring new lifetime customers. Referral leads convert up to 30% more than any other marketing activity. With this, the customer simply gets existing customers to refer other people that would be interested in the same product/service, both the new and existing customers are usually incentivised to take this action.

An example is how MTN Nigeria gets existing customers who use the MyMTN App to refer other customers to download and use the app. The new customers get 500MB worth of data on installation while the referee gets up to 2GB worth of data.

  1. Give Discounts on Services/Products

This is by far, one of the cheapest and easiest ways to adopt first-time customers. Simply offering sales discounts to customers affects their behaviour towards a brand, perceiving a higher level of savings for a product/service when a higher price discount is provided.

 An example is how MTN Nigeria offers a 400% bonus on airtime recharge with the MTNAWUF4U plan by simply dialling *888# to migrate.

  1. Partner With Complementary Businesses

This involves the company seeking other businesses with complementary products/services and a customer base that they can tap into. This usually involves a lot more work as finding the right partners is not the easiest thing in the world to do.

An example of this is how MTN Nigeria partners with different banks to offer a device financing scheme, you simply have to walk into any MTN office with the required documentation and you’ll be able to buy a brand new device and pay in 6 monthly instalments.

  1. Provide tailor-made products

Your target audience sometimes have slightly different preferences in how they consume your products. That’s an opportunity for any smart business owner to create tailored products to satisfy customers’ taste. You can take a cue from MTN4Me that provides customers with products and services tailored to their style. All a customer needs to do is dial *121# to access the bouquet. By the way, you should make it as seamless and easy to remember as MTN4Me.

There are a ton of other activities businesses do to get more customers, targeted advertising, networking, recontacting old customers etc. Companies often use the most applicable methods that align with the overall goal of the customer-base growth.

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