Why I Started Unleash Series Nigeria

Unleash Series Nigeria
My name is Ahmed Idris, and today I’m sharing this with grave urgency and excitement. I created a platform to help youths and young people access important skills through a series of events and activities. I named the platform Unleash Series Nigeria. You may ask why I did that, so let’s start from the beginning.
A man is born with nothing but his potential. His potential is a function of his genetics, his family, his fate, his country, his intelligence, his lifespan, etc. Some men are unlucky; they are born with glaring defects in one or more of these traits – such as being born handicapped, or in a family so poor that he does not receive an education, or lacking in intellect – which we all know is an essential trait to grow in this modern world where intelligence is a prerequisite for success.
You, however, have managed to avoid this unfortunate fate, as you can read English, received an education, are rich enough to have a working internet connection, and are intelligent enough to read this message. However, potential isn’t everything. We live in a third world country, and we’re also the most populated. That means many other people are fighting for similar resources or opportunities that you’re also fighting for. It’s a harsh reality and we find ourselves in a very difficult situation.
Connections might get you a job, but you can only keep the job through talent and character. Your mum could give you startup capital, but you can only make a profit through hard work or you blow all the money away. Meaning, whether you are opportune or not, whether you have potentials or not, the only way to propel yourself into the future is to arm yourself with not only the necessary skills but the most needed and in-demand skills. That’s why I birthed the Unleash Series Nigeria, my goal is to unleash the innate potentials of 10,000 youths by 2030 through upskilling them with the most important tools and resources they need.
I invite you to join me in this journey and become the first participants of the Unleash Series Nigeria by signing up for my online masterclass where I’m going to show you how to utilize the internet to make money and start and improve your online businesses. Kindly follow the instructions on the flyer. I do hope to connect with you. Let us chat on social media via @unleashnigeria
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