How I Almost Lost My Detty December to a Sim Card Accident!


So there I was, on a Friday afternoon sitting humbly at an MTN outlet trying to replace my Sim Card, praying and hoping I could resolve it just in time to make my Detty December plans for that evening.


Let me tell you how I got to that point. I had just gotten a Samsung s10, bad guy like me and I had to change my Sim card from the normal size to a nano sim. I told my roommate that I was going to get to Computer Village to get it done and he looked at me ridiculously.


You no get razor blade for house?’ he asked


‘ Its scissors I have o’ I replied and he said that will get the job done.


He told me nobody goes to cut sim card anymore. He told me to watch DIY videos for cutting Sim cards on Youtube then he left the room.


Ope o! I thought, No need to waste precious transport fare to Computer Village and it meant I had more time to sleep and freshen up before my evening plans began.


Sharp Sharp, I started to watch different videos, after like 3, I felt like Professor X of Sim Card cutting. I brought out my mother’s tailoring scissors, big silver sharp Ak47 scissors, and made the first chop. Clean one. Then the second, third, fourth. I even filed the edges as per clean finishing.


Then I put this Sim Card and magic began. ‘Sim Card not detected’. Ah!, I tried again, same thing. Turned it upside down, maybe it was a new type of technology, same thing. I began to sweat, just then my roommate came in.


‘Guy, Sim Card not detected’ I managed to say.


‘Let me see the video you watched. Ha! You for no watch this one na, you for watch the Korean version. Na the scissors wey you use be this?’ then he started laughing at me.


To cut a long story short, all my plans to rest, iron my clothes vanished into thin air. I googled the nearest MTN outlet and carried my sim pack. This was an emergency because the fire pictures I planned to take with my new phone that night must be taken.


‘Mr Joseph! Here’s your new sim card.’ the polite MTN official said to me.


Abeg bros! You fit help me cut am to nano?

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