How To Prevent Naija’s Gorillas From Getting Near Your Cash. Lol!

With gorillas gobbling up money, we all have to be zookeeper/finance manager/sensible all at the same time. This Naija economy is insistent on making sure we don’t live the ‘fly’ life and that enjoyment is reduced to nothing. And we shout ‘NO”! We will find ways to live smart, in spite of the gorillas or snakes that devour our money.


1.Discounts on Uber and Bolt rides

Stop wasting your cash on uber and bolt rides. Stop! Connect your ATM card to that app and watch prices sink. The way those people throw discounts at non-cash payment is sometimes absurd! We won’t overthink it, we will just use it. The extra cash can be used for a lot of things.


2. Airtime Bonanza!

There is nothing that brings overflowing joy like enjoying more than what you paid for. For example, when you buy credit on MTN using *904#, you get 5% bonus on every recharge lower than N100 and 10% bonus on every recharge N100 and above. You basically get extra airtime for simply buying airtime. This is the kind of awoof we need in our lives!

So, YOLO, be smart about it… Finis.

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