“Ehem Ahmed, i’ve never seen you taking photos at events or in the studio, why is that?”, interrupted my friend while on our way to visit a sick senior colleague.

“I’m not interested thats why”, i shrugged then replied. “But isn’t that where the money is”, my friend was really curious at this point.

“Well i’m not doing photography for the money”, i mentioned casually trying to dismiss the conversation, and i succeeded as my nonchalant expression killed his interest.

The truth is that, i’ve always being an artist. Even though my drawings were horrible and my voice was even more of a disaster. I found my true calling through photography. Somehow i always understood stories pictures tell and even connected on a super intellectual level with the photographer.

So as soon as i decided to take photos, i knew what i wanted to do. To tell stories and inspire change.

I used my phone before i got a DSLR camera, and in that period i knew whether or not i become a professional, i had found my purpose.

When i became exposed to the idea of telling counter narrative stories about communities through photography,and after being inspired by people like Fati Abubakar and George Osodi i started trying to create powerful stories of Kano and places i travel to.

Over the years, there have been numerous misconceptions about Kano. If you ask someone who has never been here, they will tell you a lot of negative stories. Many of which are false information spread either through the media or by mindless individuals.

Recently, some photographers began to document the untold stories of the city through the lens of their cameras to tell and show the world that most of what they know or hear is false and to also encourage them to pay visits to the city, i am one of them and we call ourselves Photo Society Kano.

We came together to do this because of many reasons but most importantly to show the world that when you don’t like a situation, you can choose to take action as an individual and make huge contributions that’ll go a long way in trying to solve or change the narrative.

Why am i sharing this? I want this idea to inspire people and get them to take charge, to take action without being told.

Its time we take action, become change agents and the good thing is you don’t always need a camera!

You can view some of my photos here, and also check out Photo Society Kano here.

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