A Bag Of Hard Lessons

I wanted to write a piece mid this year about my experience so far in 2018, but I could hardly muster the mental strength. The year began with a complete downturn of events. I had started my company Enovate Lab with my co-founder. There have been series of unpleasant events leading to this decision. I had sacrificed a lot at the wrong place with the wrong people, I had been doing what I disliked and now its time to do what I truly like. With little or no resources, I was determined to make this tiny business which value was just a CAC certificate a massive hit.

A senior colleague and advisor took us in, he allowed us to use a space in his office and that gave us the first push we needed. This came with a full package as electric supply was constant. We could afford internet so that set us rolling and swift into action we began. We developed our core values and beliefs during these early days. We worked tirelessly sometimes till midnight and a times till day break just to get tasks completed. A little innovation here and there and our bank accounts started getting rejuvenated.  There were some distractions very now and often, however we moved along with the tides. We felt we couldn’t deny the type of environment we’re in and the best thing is to accept and blend in.  This ultimately transformed the way we reacted to life and our mindset has never been the same again.

I guess at this point you might be wondering how this will eventually correlate with the title, so let me first state that I have absolutely no intention of making this article any educative so forget you read the title (pun intended). On a more serious note, this is not the right time to talk about all the events in a year when the year to me has just started. Even though some crazy sh*t have gone down over the past year and months, I would be doing some form of injustice if didn’t wait till the end of the year to tell the real story (if at all there is one to tell). So here is what I’ll do instead. I will be sharing some random thoughts and lessons about what I’ve learned through my experience with people, in business and personal life, in romance and little bit of tips on personal development which I’ve found very useful.

So as we continue to grow in different spheres of life and we continue to break down barriers and set the pace in the journey of life, I don’t mind sharing all these with you. The first thing I’ll say to you reading this is always be yourself and by this I mean know who you are and what you want in life. This will remarkably do you more good even in situations where being yourself doesn’t look like the right thing to do. Be unapologetically stubborn about your goals. So that when you hit rock bottom, or reach a cliff, or become isolated on an island, life will always to give in to you. Know that people react to you on the level of their intellect and perceptions and that does not in any way reflect who you are. So my suggestion is always to set your standards so high that people need to go up to your level. Never, I repeat never come down to people’s level. This may cause you friends, relationships and even partners, but its better to be alone than in the wrong crowd.

The business world is cruel, as I have come to learn (the hard way of course) that your business partners today might be your competitors tomorrow. You need special skills and tools if you must survive. I’m no expert at this (fact is I know nothing), but most people will find this to be true, you need to be strategic in business just like in war. Morals and ethics might not permit this, but the permutations in business cannot be ignored, your best bet is to master them all. So play your cards well, read a lot of books, go to the right social gatherings, get the right mentors, bring yourself down and learn, learn from anybody willing to teach you a thing or two. You can never too know too much and there is nothing like little information. Knowledge, the right people and mindset should help you scale your business. A wise man once said, “don’t wish things were easier, wish you become wiser”.

We’re set to launch our new space after Nine months of toiling and persistence. Fate has brought us together with the right people and we’re now doing the right thing (courtesy of lesson learned the hard way).  I look back at all what we’ve been through and I can only nod in gratitude to God for being the only worthy pillar. Out of the many lessons I learned and I’m still learning is that while hard work, persistence and perseverance knows no wall, characters like honesty and integrity wouldn’t hurt you unless you’re in the wrong place. Yet, you mustn’t be discouraged to shoot your shot, do your thing and don’t give in. I hope you find this useful and I really hope to hear your thoughts on this piece. A wise man once said, “don’t hope for things to change, change your yourself and watch how things change”.

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