The Women in Tech and the Pyramids of Kano

By Hassan Sani

There is a common saying: What A Man Can Do… I can’t really remember the rest of it.

About few weeks ago I saw a poster on one of our group chat with a slogan “Women in Tech Meet Up”. And I was like ‘how is that even a thing?’ now before I continue here is a little advice don’t ever underestimate the power of curiosity, especially when it involves women.

On the 26th September 2017 a Tuesday on a working day, I was supposed to be in my office anchoring a meeting with my bosses but the last thing I remembered I was on phone and the voice was saying “Where are you? We are in the conference room waiting for you.” before my reply the network reception broke. I was in transit from Abuja to Kano, earlier this morning my calendar had showed me a map of a Start Up Kano for Women in Tech Meet Up by 10:00am Wednesday 27th September.

When I get back I will find out if I still have a job.

The ancient city of Kano, this doesn’t look ancient at least not from this view and the famous Pyramids where are they? StartUp Kano was located along Maiduguri Road with its own Pyramid hanging on her beautiful green, black and white logo. As I stood in the building I realized the obvious trouble, this is Women in Tech Meet Up. What happened if I end up being the only guy in here? I searched for excuses, something like I missed my road, already I’ve noticed an event in the neighborhood so may be I will just act cool. You know like Oliver Queen from the TV Series The Green Arrow I would just step out like nothing happened. Yes in Oliver’s voice: ‘Suite Up’.

Lucky for me the Co-Hosts were two cool and understanding guys, okay… may be I’m giving them too much credit but they were guys and they were from Facebook Developers Circle Kano. I knew this because it was boldly written on there shirts, one of them called it DevCircle, we talked about DevCircles and their branches in Lagos, Abuja, Uyo, other places, the new ones in Maiduguri and probably coming soon to Minna, also about how Facebook is focusing on Women as developers and the December event which will be hosted by Facebook women.

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The Women in Tech and the Pyramids of Kano


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