Two Tech Events That Will Define the Ecosystem in Borno

The insurgency in the north east has no doubt dealt a great blow not only to the peace and development of the affected states, it has also blurred all hopes for its youths enjoying the benefits of the tech revolution currently sweeping across the country. However, all hope has not been lost. Borno state is about to host two tech events that will not only define the tech ecosystem but also ultimately catapult it towards meaningful development. Startup Yerwa, an organization that promotes and advocates entrepreneurship by leveraging on technology is playing a vital role in this movement.

The first event hitting Borno tech space is Django Girls. A one day free programming workshop that teaches women how to code by providing them with the facilities and the resources to learn during the process. Startup Yerwa is the main organizer of the event. Supported by some local NGOs, the event like similar others held around the globe promises to be interesting and exciting, especially for the girls. “We hope to get as many girls as we can to learn how to code, the world is moving fast, we are in a very critical condition, if we don’t do anything to empower them. One day we will wake up and realize that our girls are brainwashed as they are today”, quoted Mr Nur Dahiru, the CEO of Startup Yerwa.

Django Girls Borno and Maiduguri

Facebook Developer Circle will be launching its community on Sunday September 17th, 2017. The city of Maiduguri will unleash its developers and tech enthusiasts. The erstwhile community has been hungry for a platform to vent their frustrations and challenges, a place to learn and acquire new skills and also network. Developer Circles from Facebook has just giving them that. The event is also the first official meetup of tech people in the state. The agendas to be discussed ranges from general community talks and introduction of Facebook products like bot messenger, account kit and React programming language. There is also going to be a special session for networking. Developer Circles is an open community designed to give techies opportunity to grow professionally. Startup Yerwa is a major partner for the first meetup and launch.

Facebook Developer Circles Maiduguri

It is no doubt that these two events are forever going to shape the Borno tech ecosystem. One reason for this is the fact that over a hundred people have registered for both events. This has also attracted the attention of local NGOs like Youth Federation For World Peace (YFWP), Yadomah & Bukar Mandara Foundation and Gimba Islamic Foundation. It has also secured the support and sponsorship of The Nigerian Union of Teachers Borno State Chapter. This is an indication that the state have been looking for a push and they’ve gotten it. The potentials of the youths is still undiscovered, some local problems require local solutions. And who else knows the problems of the land if not the sons and daughters of the land?


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