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Well, its not uncommon to get stuck in the idea stage of starting a business. That is why i made a list of startup ideas that will likely survive the Nigerian market. If you have an idea but don’t know how to organize it into a minimum viable product (MVP) or you don”t know how to develop a business plan or model for it, just inbox me. Alternatively you can read my posts on how to start a startup in Nigeria.  These ideas as i mentioned in my previous posts are already being tested in different countries around the world. So do not panic if you see someone doing what you want to do, it all depends on your determination, passion and zeal on your chosen area. so without saying much, here is the second part of amazing startup ideas;

  • Gardening: – A platform for all gardening needs.  There is money in beauty. 
  • Connect people with expert psychologists. Almost everybody needs good counsel.
  • Build a platform to help Businesses, Organizations & Professionals, in selecting the best software solution to meeting their specific requirements
  • Create an alumni network for Colleges/Universities and connect the Alumni with their Alma Mater and Students.
  • Crowd funding: – To my knowledge there is no reward based crowd funding platform for raising funds for creative and innovative projects from a large number of people. We need these initiatives as many founders and entrepreneurs will benefit immensely from it.
  •  Looking to sell your car and don’t have access to the market. Solve it by buy building a platform where people can by any car and pay cash instantly.
  • A University/College finder for students with curated ratings, reviews and data driven insights about the Universities/Colleges which also helps prospective students make an informed decision is a fantastic idea. 
  • Buying Beautiful precious stones and semi-precious stones online is not a far-fetched idea.
  • Make a tool to design and launch customer referrals campaigns.
  • Transportation: – Trailers and Large truck rentals, Cars, Motorcycle and bike rental portal. Brilliant idea isn’t it?
  • Education: – An online market place for education which basically serves as an effective medium between the best faculty and the students.
  • Software: – A cloud company, which integrates HR processes like attendance, leave, and payroll with each other.
  •  A taxi hiring app like Uber. You can also do it. The market is large enough to accommodate everybody and moreover you can start in your state.
  •  Build a platform to integrate, manage and optimize condominiums and its management, communication environments reservations, access control, maintenance and contracts, among other features. Trust me, you’ll have more than enough customers in this country because there are Plazas everywhere you look.
  • A wedding portal of its kind, which connects the fragmented marketplace of wedding vendors into a wedding portal that is consumer-focused and easy-to-use.
  • Start a social platform just for fun to become the best source of fun where users can share anything they find interesting and get real responses from other people.
  •  Sports: – Online network for athletes.
  •  Develop a mobile app that finds people who like you nearby and connects you with them if you’re both interested.
  • Start an online community where people can learn real-world skills from incredible teachers.
  • Build a career platform that helps people figure out what they want to do with their lives — and then how to get there — by surfacing job listings, career content and rich media profiles from a spectrum of retail, tech and media companies.
  • Start an online marketplace that links small firms with freelancers.
  • I can’t wait to see the first robotic company in Nigeria.
  • Finance: A portal that gives financial advises and connects people looking for financial help with experts is also cool.
  • 3D Printing: – I don’t know much about this only that it is revolutionary. How about someone try doing something about it.
  • Many startups have job offerings but don’t have access to the right candidates. Someone should connect them, the possibilities are endless. 

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